Percorsi stellati/Starred Journeys: Iyo (Milano)

First Japanese food restaurant awarded 1 Michelin Star in Italy, Iyo definitely deserves its  reputation.

Yes, probably the environment is a bit too dark (somehow recalls a pure candle light atmosphere), but the food is sublime indeed.

Yio - 1 (11)

We opted for the tasting  menu (“Faccio Iyo”..Omakase) that consists of 8 courses selected by the chef Haruo Ichikawa. Nevertheless he proved great flexibility and kindness accepting our request of choosing some course on our own from the menu a la carte.

We had:

1. Toku Jo (Uramaki with Adriatic shrimps and avocado, thinly sliced Normandy scallops, purple shrimps, catalogna sprouts and Kizamy Wasabi)…that was our choice

Yio - 1 (5)

2. Kakisu (Breton Oyster served with kombu and oyster aspic, rice vi negar and yuzu flavoured frozen daikon, algae and oyster leave )

Yio - 1 (1)

3. Chef’s trio

Yio - 1 (2)

4.Ika somen (“sfrangiato” raw squid, crispy vegetables, quail egg and soba dashi sauce)

Yio - 1 (3)

5. Sushi Iyo (nigiri selection)

Yio - 1 (4)

6. Yaki Udon

Yio - 1 (6)

7. Black angus (Italian Black Angus sirloin, rolled Chinese cabbage, Bruxelles cabbage, red miso and olive sauce)

Yio - 1 (8)


Yio - 1 (9)

8. Exotic sphere (White chocolate half sphere, passion fruit flavoured mousse, white chocolate crumble, mango coulis served with fresh mango)

Yio - 1 (10)

Everything really special, definitely a great “taste experience”.

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