Percorsi stellati/Starred Journeys: La Pergola (Roma)

In my 3-Michelin Stars journey I couldn’t miss a real institution of the “Eternal City” gastronomy : La Pergola of the Chef Heinz Beck.

Located at the roof top of the charming Waldorf Astoria Cavalieri Hotel at the top of Monte Mario hill you can appreciate a great view whilst you venture in an outstanding food experience.

The atmosphere is charming, the interiors probably a little bit “eighty”, but nevertheless elegant…in the end we were here for the food first…



We opted for a 7-courses tasting menu with wine pairing. Service was impeccable and we had the chance also to visit the kitchen and meet the Chef, very kind and nice person indeed.


This was our courses selection:

  • Amberjack marinated in white balsamic vinegar with pomegranate snow


  • Smoked scallop tartare and red beet shell


  • Seafood on almond tofu


  • Fagottelli “La Pergola”…probably “the” signature dish of Chef Heinz Beck


  • Cod with celery sauce and curry crust


  • Fillet of venison on chestnut cream with vegetables, tubers and seasonal fruit


  • Iced sphere of red fruit on tea cream with crystallized raspberries


In addition with a very appreciated surprise Chef Heinz Back, thanks to my brother-in-law  Luca, gave us the chance to try one of his most popular creations: Fiore di zucca in pastella su fondo di crostacei e zafferano con caviale (Batter fried zucchini flowers with shellfish soup, saffron and caviar)…amazing.


The dinner was also enriched with several Chef’s surprises and some curious proposals like the possibility di choose among 5-6 different types of salt. Last but not least, this was my wife’s gift for my birthday …and the final cake was …the ice on the cake.








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