Snapshots from Lampedusa

This photographic post is dedicated to an authentic jewel embedded in the Mediterranean Sea: Lampedusa. Nowadays Lampedusa is unfortunately more popular for being one of the main gateways to Europe for immigrants from Africa, the Middle East and Asia; a sort of new Ellis Island of the Mediterranean Sea, often place of terrible disasters like in October 2013. This island was actually transformed in the symbol of inefficiency and superficiality of the European Union, and, as a Sicilian and European citizen I can only be indignant about this disgraceful situation. In this post I want to show the positive nature of Lampedusa, what it was created for: its breathtaking spots that could easily compete with the best beaches in the world (Maldives, Polynesia, Sardegna,…) , its wild soul, its uncontaminated nature.


a5-AcquadeiConigli b4-CalaPulcini b5-IstmoConigli d2-CalaAcqua d8-Tabaccara e2-Tabaccara e8-TartarugheWWF f8-LiberazioneTarta b2-DammusoCasaTeresa

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