Percorsi Stellati/Starred Journeys: Christian Etienne (Avignon)

Maison Christian Etienne is probably the best restaurant in Avignon. Awarded 1-Michelin Star, its Chef Guilhem Sevin  proposes an intriguing menu based on tomato as main ingredient. Price is high, but for a Michelin Star restaurant is reasonable (below 100 Euros per person).

Our “Tomatoes Menus” consisted of:

  • Mackerel Chevice, Corn and “Noire de Crimée” tomato
  • Trio of old tomato tartare flavoured with basil in the original version: Green Zebra, Coeur de Boeuf and Ananas
  • Red Mullet: fillet and brandade, greedy pea and “Olivette”tomato confit, garlic cream iodized with tomato water
  • Tomafel, greek dressing with mint, multicolor “Tomatoes Cherry”
  • Duo of Lamb from Provence and real juice, “Crushed tomatoes”, egg plant caviar and rosemary crumble
  • “Cornue de Sandes” tomato crackers, fresh goat cheese from La Drôme with chives
  • “Pomme d’amour”, pistachio mousse and crispy rice
  • “Marmande” sorbet, caramelized pistachio


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