Percorsi stellati/Starred Journeys: Seta (Milano)

Seta and its chef Antonio Guida were awarded 1 Michelin Star in 2016, and 2 Michelin Stars in 2017. In my opinion is the best restaurant in Milan at the moment I am writing this post.

Located inside the Mandarin Hotel in Milan, Seta combines elegant ambience and delicious food thanks to the sublime creations of Chef Guida.

Mandatory advice is also the bar where you can try both superb club sandwiches for a quick lunch and the signature cocktail Martini Milano served in an attractive all-steel martini’s cup…really approaching perfection.

Seta - 1

But we are here to celebrate the restaurant. We preferred to go “a la carte” and we got inspired from the following choices:

ASTICE BLU con zabaione ai frutti di mare, salicornia e papaya
(Roasted blue lobster with seafood “zabaione”, sea asparagus and papaya)

Seta - 1 (3)

SPAGHETTI  con crema di rapa rossa e carpaccio di crostacei al lime (Spaghetti with beetroot cream and seafood carpaccio with lime)…my top choice!

Seta - 1 (4)

MAIALINO di cinta senese al macis con salsa di sedano rapa e barbabietola marinata al campari (“Cinta senese” suckling pig with mace, celeriac sauce and campari marinated beetroots)

Seta - 1 (5)

Selection of sweeties to conclude this incredible experience

Seta - 1 (6)

Details: selection of butters (pure and algae flavoured)

Seta - 1 (1)


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