Priceless Milano

Last July I had the privilege to be invited by MasterCard at a business lunch with their Global Chief Marketing Officer that was held at the “Priceless Milano” restaurant. To celebrate Expo2015, MasterCard has launched a really innovative concept-restaurant: a temporary restaurant located in a very unique and breathtaking setting: at the roof top of a historical building (the former Banca Commerciale Italiana headquarter) in Piazza della Scala in center of Milan.




The idea is pretty unique: a single table for a limited number of guests (only 24) will fall down, already prepared, from the ceiling and will host a rotation of Michelin starred Italian and international Chefs from the prestigious Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe.


Milan is the first city where MasterCard has crafted this incredible experience, and if the thing will be successful the experiment will be repeated in other cities around the globe (London, Paris, Rio,…). I was lucky enough to be invited at a private event, but you can always ask for a reservation (that is mandatory given the limited number of guests). The price is unique as well though (250 Euros per person).


In our case the Chef of the Day was Iside De Cesare, emerging chef of La Parolina Restaurant at Trevinano (Viterbo), awarded 1-Michelin Star since 2009.


Iside’s menu was simple but quite an interesting journey (at bottom it was a “light lunch”!)


Panzanella di gamberi rossi con stracciatella e gelato di panzanella


Pappardella ripiena di piselli con seppie e limone


Coniglio alle erbe e salsa alle nocciole


Zuppetta di pesche alla lavanda e spuma di lime

Overall an incredible experience that perfectly matched all our highest expectations: location, ambience, company, food…priceless!

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