Percorsi stellati/Starred Journeys: The River Café (New York)

The River Café may not be at the same level of other “Michelin Stars” (even if the food is  very good, no doubt about this), but definitely is located in one of the most charming and breathtaking spots in the world (see picture below) and this simply is worth a booking for an unforgettable dinner experience. It is currently awarded 1 Michelin Star.

New York Blog - 24

You can choose among a dinner a la carte or a tasting menu…in both cases the price is fixed (125 $ for a la carte option, 155$ for the Six Course Chef’s Signature Menu, which means that tasting menu is at the end of the day the most convenient option)

Despite convenience, we opted for the A La Carte option which consisted of:

  • One appetizer: Sea Scallop and Foie Gras (sautéed Maine sea scallop, mango vinagrette, seared foie gras, Sauternes wine natural jus, smoked Spring onion confit)
  • One Main Course: King Salmon (steamed with Meyer lemon, aromatic Shiitake mushrooms broth, jasmine rice)
  • One dessert: Chocolate Brooklyn Bridge (the signature dessert…Milk chocolate Marquise, Raspberry sorbet, Vanilla ice cream, Crisp meringue, Dark chocolate glaze)

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