Percorsi Stellati/Starred Journeys:Martín Berasategui (Lasarte-Oria,San Sebastian)

Restaurante Martín Berasategui is above all an unforgettable taste experience. Awarded 3-Michelin Stars , it perfectly epitomizes the stereotype of what a 3-Michelin Stars restaurant means: a unique cuisine, worth a special trip! ...this is exactly what I am talking about.



As we often do when we go in these food sanctuaries we opted for the most complete tasting menu, the only way to learn and (maybe) understand the idea of gastronomy of the Chef. We chose “The Great Tasting Menu” – The Best of Martin Berasategui’s cuisine that has probably the most famous creation of the Chef: 13 (13!) courses

1. Mille-feuille of smoked eel, foie gras, spring onions and green apple (1995)


2. Red Shrimp Royale and dill with “Venta del Barón” oil  (2014)


3. Caviar and Turnip, with pork shank broth cubes and lemon (2016)


4. Lightly marinated warm oyster with iced cucumber slush and K5, and spicy apple (2015)


5. Beetroot juice and diced raw horseradish in salad, taramasalata steeped in citrus juices (2016)


6. Vegetable hearts salad with seafood, cream of lettuce and iodized juice (2001)


7. Green and Black olives with beef, caper and mustard (2016)


8. “The Truffle” with fermented wild mushrooms and collard greens with “Alma de Jerez” oil (2015)


9. “Gorrotxategi” egg resting on a liquid herb salad and dewlap carpaccio (2011)


10. Red Mullet with edible scale crystals, fennel with saffron and liquid baby squid bonbon (2016)


11. Young pigeon, charcoal roasted at a low temperature with potato and truffle bites and forgotten vegetables (2016)


and desserts to finish…

12. Lemon with basil juice, green bean and almond (2016)


13. Chocolate rock on salted quinoa, rum slush and hazelnut ice cream (2016)


…at the end a creative sweet ending…before the salted bill 🙂


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