Percorsi Stellati/Starred Journeys: Cracco (Milano)

Carlo Cracco’s restaurant is a sort of institutional site in the gastronomic universe of Milan and not just for the Chef’s latest popularity in TV. I think Carlo Cracco was one of the more innovative “food masters” (if not the most one) in Italy after Gualtiero Marchesi (and it’s not a coincidence that Cracco was part of the historical Marchesi’s brigade).


Awarded 2-Michelin Stars restaurant is located in the centre of Milan at walking distance from Piazza Duomo. The location and the overall ambience in my opinion are not particularly fortunate (basically is a basement under floor…a very well furnished basement but still a basement with no windows around) but the food and the creation are sublime indeed.




I went there for a dinner with a few colleagues of mine and we had an “a la carte choice”. Here below a few snapshots of our choices.

  • Insalata Russa caramellata (one of the Cracco’s signature dishes)


  • Il tuorlo marinato (another Cracco’s masterpiece)


  • Gamberi viola di Santa Margherita tiepidi, Parmigiano Reggiano, rucola e aceto balsamico


  • Uovo alla crema cotto al vapore e Tartufo bianco (special dish made for the truffle season)


  • Capesante al vapore, camomilla, bietole e Tartufo bianco (see above)


  • Rombo in crosta di cacao, taccole, cuore di lattuga ed alghe


  • Piccione in crosta di caffè, patata fondente e mascarpone alla vaniglia (popular dish for the recent polemic exchanges between Cracco and animal friends associations)


  • Dessert alla vaniglia, miele, Tartufo bianco e cacao (another truffle menu choice)


  • Cioccolato fondente, marroni canditi, vaniglia e rhum


Needless to say that it was overall a great food experience and the service was impeccable. Without any doubt two very well deserved “stars”. Unfortunately Chef Cracco was not at the restaurant, it seems this happens quite often for his many commitments (TV shows, international ventures, …) and probably this is the only “area of improvement” (beyond the above comment of the location) for an authentic gastronomic institution.



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