Hot Pot Sun (Shanghai)

Hot Pot Sun is a very elegant restaurant located in the high-end area of Xin Tian Di and proposes a classic and, for western people, not very common cuisine. The distinctiveness of this restaurant is the “hot pot food”: basically you choose a type of soup and what you would like to cook in the soup. They then bring a pot with the soup to your table that has a special heater inside and you will then cook what you have chosen (meat, fish, vegetables,…).It reminds the “fondue bourguignonne” but chinese style (I know that sometimes in the western world it’s named fondue chinoise).

The food was delicious, but the service was really remarkable: only think that when a client finishes and the waiters prepare the table for a new one…they iron the tablecloth!

foto 1[4]

I opted for a mushrooms soup and slices of wagyu beef and mixed vegetables to cook. Everything absolutely simple but simply delicious. This is a place, that  was recommended to me by a good friend of mine, is in my opinion an absolute must if you want to make a different experience of chinese cuisine.

foto 1

foto 2

foto 3

foto 4

foto 2[4]

Last but not least, if you wish you can also make an even more intriguing experience chosing among what they call “Special Selected Deliciacies”: ox genitals, selected tripes, goose intestine, ox spinal cord, fresh pig’s blood, pig’s brain…etc… but, this is up to you…

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